About Us

KBW Towing is a family-run business, owned by Dan Hisson, who became a partner in 1999 and has been sole owner since 2001. He has seven office staff and 35 drivers. Most of his drivers have Wreckmaster and dangerous goods certification. KBW Towing gets an average of 100 calls per day and often responds to a call in as little as 30 minutes. However, weather, traffic, and construction delays can push that to one hour, says KBW's operations manager, Ed Hall. KBW's goal, and how it relates to the commercial fleets, is to offer a competitive rate coupled with superior service. KBW is always looking for ways to improve the services they provide while maintaining their extremely competitive pricing policy. They also have both a 50-ton and 35-ton wrecker that is used for a variety of specialized jobs such as rescue work and rollovers. In addition, KBW has 15 flatbed trucks, 3 medium duty trucks, and 10 one-ton trucks.